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What To Expect At Recoiled Salon As A New Client

We take the time to hear your story and create a game plan for your curls based on your goals and lifestyle. We can go over what products you are using and determine whether they are helping or hurting your curls. We make recommendations and explain what your curls need and why. We do a dry curly cut after the consultation and then start the cleanse and hydrate session (aka shampoo and condition). This is where the education and curl transformation happens. Then we style your curls and show you how to recreate the same look at home. Afterward, we may perform a detailed cutting to perfect your shape if needed.
Every curl needs the same basic care; however, every client has a different starting point and will have to go through a transition time to get to that sweet spot with curly hair, where it finally feels simple to care for, healthier, and thriving. In the meantime, we work together at each appointment to help you embrace your curls and overcome any obstacles you face between appointments.

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