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Love Your Curls

Recoiled Salon specializes in luxurious and personalized services for your beautiful curls. Our salon in Bellevue, PA, offers a range of expert services designed to enhance and embrace your natural curls. Whether you're looking for a precise dry cut or personalized curl coaching, our skilled stylist, Tylersue, is here to bring out the best in your curls. Browse our services below, and book your appointment at Recoiled Salon today!

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Gratuity-Free Services and Hourly Rates

Curly Cut (Current Client)

Price varies • 1 hr+

Whether you're looking for a change, cleaning up the ends, or just wanting an overall reshape, this appointment will take care of your curly hair needs.

  • Dry Trim ($135 • 1 hr)
  • Clippers ($135 • 1 hr)
  • Trim and Style ($202.50 • 1 hr 30 min)
  • Transition/Reshaping & Style ($270 • 2 hr)
  • Thick, Coarse, and Coiled ($405 • 3 hr)
  • Hairline ($67.50 • 30 min)

New Client Curly Cut

Price varies • 2 hr+

If you are a new client and have curly hair, choose this service for a curl-specific dry cut. You must come with your hair freshly washed and styled curly, or you will not receive a proper service. If your curls need detangling, you must add on the detangling service. This service includes a detox treatment that helps to remove build-up. 

  • Wavy/Curly ($270 • 2 hr)
  • Super Curly, Coiled, Thick, Coarse ($405 • 3 hr)

All-Over Color Change/Lowlights

Price varies • 2 hr+

Achieve your desired look with our professional all-over color or lowlight service. Choose from our vibrant color options for a bold change, or opt for natural-looking lowlights to add dimension and depth. Whether you want to go darker or enhance your overall look, our skilled stylists will create a personalized and flawless result. Book now for an appointment that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

  • Regular ($270 • 2 hr)
  • All-Over Color/Lowlights Transformation ($405 • 3 hr)

Root Touch-Up (Current Clients Only)

Price varies • 1 hr 30 min+

Touch up your color with this service when you have one inch or less of roots (4-6 weeks). This service includes an Olaplex treatment and is only available to current clients.

  • 10-min color/grey blending ($270 • 2 hr)
  • Permanent color/grey blending ($270 • 2 hr)
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Price varies • 1 hr 30 min+

This is a maintenance service between your color or highlight appointment, designed to refresh your color or correct brassy tones in your hair.

  • Gloss ($202.50 • 1 hr 30 min)
  • Gloss and root touch-up ($270 • 2 hr)

Lightening Session

Price varies • 45 min+

*Not for new clients* This service is priced at $135 per hour and is gratuity-free. It includes any techniques, product, or treatments needed while creating or working towards your desired look.

  • Highlight: mini, touch-up ($270 • 2 hr)
  • Highlight: half, partial, dimensional ($405 • 3 hr)
  • Highlight: full ($540 • 4 hr)
  • Root touch-up add-on ($101.25 • 45 min)

Curl Coaching - Styling

$202.50 • 1 hr 30 min

Experience the transformative power of personalized curl coaching with our expert stylists as they guide you with a hands-on approach. Learn the latest styling methods and techniques tailored to your unique curls, and leave feeling confident and empowered. Book your appointment today and unlock your curl potential!

Curl Coaching - Curl Refresh

$135.00 • 1 hr

Experience the ultimate Curl Coaching - Refresh service, where our expert stylists will provide you with lasting curl definition between washes, in-depth product knowledge, and techniques to enhance your natural texture between washes. Book your appointment now and unleash the full potential of your curls!

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Wash And Go (With Detangling)

$270 • 2 hr

If you're a coiled curly and want someone else to care for your curls, book this appointment! (Hooded drying is included but optional to help your set last longer.)

Shag/Fringe Touch-Up

$70 • 30 min

This service is a great in-between haircut for fringe and shag touch-ups. Come with your hair freshly styled for this appointment.

New Lightening Session w/ Consultation

$540 • 4 hr

New clients choose this service. This allows the stylist to have an ample amount of time to give proper consultation and quotes and to create the look you want. This service uses foils and lightener to leave your hair with beautiful dimension with one of the following methods:

  • Lightening your hair for a lower-maintenance, lived-in look
  • Balayage
  • Classic highlights
  • Dimensional brunette/blonde
  • Money piece
  • Root-smudge


  • Clarifying shampoo and Conditioner
  • Olaplex treatment
  • Foil work
  • Gloss

Curly Cut (Add-on To Color)

$101.25 • 45 min

This service is not meant to make any big changes to your shape. It is more like a dusting and split end-removing cut.


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Price & time vary

While Recoiled Salon specializes in curly hair, we also offer straightening services for those looking for a sleek and smooth style. Using professional-grade products and techniques, we can transform your curls into silky straight locks. Whether it's for a special occasion or a change of pace, let us create a stunning, straight style for you.

Virtual Consultations

Price & time vary

Can't make it to the salon in person? No problem! We offer virtual consultations for your convenience. Whether you're looking for advice on styling, product recommendations, or curly hair care tips, we're here to help. Schedule a virtual consultation with Tylersue to get personalized guidance from the comfort of your own home.


Price varies • 15 mins+

Mix and match from:

  • Three areas ($67.50 • 30 min)
  • Eyebrows ($20 • 15 min)
  • Upper/lower lip ($15 • 15 min)
  • Chin ($20 • 15 min)
  • Ear or nose ($67.50 • 30 min)
  • Hairline ($67.50 • 30 min)

Added Service Time

Price varies • 30 min+

If you are unsure what service you want but know how much time you want to spend, feel free to book a couple of hours. During your appointments, we will have a consultation about your options for the time you have booked.

  • +30 min • $70
  • +1 hr • $135
  • +1 hr 30 min • $202.50
  • +2 hr • $270
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